Useful Websites Links

Useful Websites Link


It has video tools to edit any video: text to video, resize, add audio to video, and many more. It also has other tools for audio editing and pdf and converters. Many options to work on!

Plagiarism Checker

A perfect tool to check for plagiarism. you can upload the file or can paste the website’s URL to check the plagiarism. It comes with multilingual support, fast and deep scanning, and highlights duplicated sentences.

Import Yeti

Now finding any U.S. company suppliers is just one click away. Name the company and Search 70 Million U.S. Customs Sea Shipment Records Instantly.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT has revolutionized the AI world. Want to write complex code, want to write an article, or want to know the information about anything, just write the instructions, and the magic of Chat GPT will come true. This is just a game of some words of instructions and then it is done by the amazing Chat GPT.


Colorize your pictures automatically and make them more beautiful than ever. You don’t need to sign up just upload your image and see the magic. It’s totally free!

Ad Creative

An AI tool that helps you to create creative ads that convert people into clients and social media posts. Save time and effort while designing ads for better conversion!

QR Code Generator

Best QR code generator with logo. you just need to upload your logo to generate a unique QR code and the best analytics system to measure the traffic. Have very high scan rates.


You can search for any gifs or stickers to use in your videos to make them more useful and creative.


Creators can benefit from Patreon’s exclusive access to their work and deeper connection with their fans by providing members with exclusive access.

Creator Hub

Whether you’re fine-tuning your finances or mastering marketing, level up your strategies and tactics. Build stronger, more direct relationships with your fans by growing your business.

Text Optimizer

AI tool to optimize the content against the targeted keyword in a specific state or country. You can upload your content directly or can upload the URL of the web page to check the content. Optimize the content to rank higher in search results.


Authentic marketing content developed by artificial intelligence that understands emotion. To formulate authentic content aligned specifically with high-value personas, the AI scans millions of web pages, and client and channel data.

Spend 84% Less Time Writing Content. Lately repurposes long-form text, video, and podcasts using AI-powered content generation and social media management. This artificial intelligence can identify any brand’s or individual’s voice so that it can pinpoint the words, phrases, and ideas that will sway any audience to convert.


The largest, most powerful trend platform in the world helps you spark new ideas. It unlocks insights with a global network of 307,107 hunters and billions of views. Get to know all the trends here whether it is related to food or health or entertainment.

Frase. io

An ai tool to help you research, write and optimize unique content within minutes. Now you don’t need to spend much time writing quality content.


Creating awesome unique videos is now super easy with Dooratoon. You may use millions of royalty-free animations, templates, backdrops, objects, stock footage, and other resources on Doratoon to create unique videos.


Get all the royalty-free, high-quality images and videos on pexels. Download the images or videos to use them in your websites, videos, or posts free of cost.

Flex Clip

An online video editor software to edit videos and create stunning clips. You can start editing by using thousands of premade templates. Create and edit videos with ease for brand promotion, advertising, social media, family, and other uses.


For a simple, free, completely responsive one-page site for just about anything, Carrd is the best.


AI actors for video creation – You may quickly create a video in more than 70 languages by simply typing in your content.

Cutout Pro

A perfect online editor to remove background from image and video, remove unwanted objects, face cutout and many more!

Photo Room

Edit your photos with this photo room editor. A professional tool to remove image background, seamlessly remove objects from the images, and add effects in pictures.

Tik Tok Shop

With the help of in-feed videos, LIVEs, and the product display tab, merchants, brands, and creators can now promote and sell their goods directly on TikTok thanks to the creative new shopping tool known as TikTok Shop.

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