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Learn freelancing by practical and earn money at the comfort of your home! hands-on masterclass with The IQRAMS.

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As a commitment to our students, we provide lifetime support. What’s App Support For Those Who Launch Any Product.

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There are very few jobs that offer lucrative salaries to meet day-to-day needs, so digital literacy is becoming increasingly critical in this era. We at Iqrams are dedicated to teaching you the most valuable skills so you can earn more than just a daily wage. From starting your own Amazon business to providing services, Iqram will help you every step of the way!

Easy Learning As 1…2…3…

Learning a skill with Iqrams is as simple as counting the numbers. We help people to learn every skill in small baby steps. The process of each skill is explained first, and then it is taught through practical examples. Every student’s learning progress is monitored during the learning phase, and we work with them to help them improve.

Khurram Shehzad Profile

Khuram Shahzad — Founder & CEO.

Our mission is to empower the Pakistani community through freelancing skills. We can make it possible through passion, courage, and self-trust.

All humans have equal rights to live a dignified life and deserve the best rewards for their skills. Our Vision is to give Pakistani entrepreneurs an opportunity to enter international markets with Integrity, thereby elevating the Pakistani economy and positively impacting the world.

  • Passion
  • Courage
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Impact

Why Practice Is Important?

Freelancing is considered the best career option, but it’s just as difficult to stand out in the race. To be a good candidate for a high-paying job, you need to be versatile and well-educated. Therefore, it is important for students to complete practical training. If you want to be a freelancer, it’s time to introduce yourself to the industry and expand your technical knowledge for a better understanding. Here are some of the benefits of practical training you need to know:

Develop Interdisciplinary Knowledge:

The on-the-job training program helps students expand their interdisciplinary knowledge. It helps students learn practical applications of theoretical knowledge in all areas and enables a deeper learning experience.

Industrial exposure experience:

Through hands-on training, students learn how the industry works and what standard procedures need to be followed in a real working environment. Practical training deals with industrial issues and helps students expand their knowledge. This allows students to be professionally adapted to the industry.

Develop Interpersonal Skills:

Internships are not only a way to improve professional skills, but also a way for freelance students to improve their communication and soft skills. These training programs also help students learn how to coordinate with people and improve their leadership skills.

Helps you Explore Areas of Interest:

The hands-on Training Program introduces students to specific technologies and makes them aware of different applications. Once you find an area of interest, it will help you acquire the necessary skills in the relevant area and become a passionate freelancer.

What Our Students Have to Say

IQRAMS is a best learning platform that I ever experienced. It provides high quality lectures. I am super happy with the lessons.
Abeeha Israr
Content Writer
Learning is very important and I am thankful to The Iqrams for this great learning platform.
Muhammad Nafees
Social Media Marketer
The Videos posted by Iqrams are helpful to start business online as they have practical knowledge that how to start business online in a professional way.
Malik Zeshan
If you really want to learn and earn then come to The iqrams and iqrams team is very helpful every time when you need them.
Ali Khan